The POwer of support

Title: The Power of Support - Team England Commonwealth Games Kit Out
Type: Commercial/Corporate

Platform: Social Media
Client: npower
Agency: Ear To The Ground

Ear To The Ground approached us with a challenge: could we install a fixed-rig in a pop-up recording booth whilst Team England's brightest stars got their kit and sang their hearts out? A 10 day shoot, recording all video and audio with instant playback so the athletes could watch themselves back.

Well, yeah. Of course we could!

Filming with more than 400 athletes, all singing along to the Team England official anthem, Jerusalem. We captured the fun and camaraderie that more than made up for the fact that not many of them can actually sing (ooohhh burn, sorry guys!).

We devised and installed this complex rig involving four GoPro cameras running simultaneously, an FS7 for BTS and interviews, karaoke-style animations for the athletes and instant synchronised multi-cam playback for quick post-production turnaround. On top of this, we also provided post-production support to Ear To The Ground's internal video team on their sprint to the finish.