MariO Kart Manchester!

Title: Mario Kart does Manchester, PlayExpo Promo
Type: Corporate Promo

Platform: YouTube / Twitter / Instagram
Client: Manc Frank / PlayExpo

Brief: Manc Frank approached us to help with a PR campaign around the PlayExpo event at Event City in October 2016. The idea was simple... ish! Drive a bunch of Go Kart's through Manchester city centre dressed as Mario Kart throwing bananas and oil slicks at each other just like the game... oh and try not to crash into anyone or injure anyone! 

With only a few weeks until the event the idea was to create a buzz within the city with shoppers and passers by as well as filming the stunt for online distribution.

With a crew of 3 we rigged 8 GoPros across 4 karts and had 3 chase cameras. Our lovely Van even had a cameo appearance! The footage from all 11 cameras was then edited in 48 hours to get out to press on Monday morning.